Sunday, 15 May 2016

W.A.L.T: Make change happen

Today we put an M and M inside some water to see what would happen?  First we predicted what we thought would happen.

As soon as we put the M and M in the water, the water changed colour to the colour of the M and M.

As we observed the colour came off and the M and M turned all white.  After  a few minutes it turned brown.

Then something really exciting happened! The M came off and floated to the top. We wonder why that happened?

The colour from the M and M went into the water. The colour went in as a solid and changed into a liquid. 

Did it change from a solid to a liquid because it dissolved? Why didn't the M dissolve?


  1. Do you know why M didn't dissolve?

    Because it's made of edible paper,which takes some time to dissolve.

    Edible paper is used in cakes, cookies, candies etc..

  2. Thanks for your research! We enjoyed watching it as it came off the m & m and floated to the surface of the water.